What is the Access to Work scheme?

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Access to Work is a government funded employment assistance programme that aims to help disabled people in beginning and maintaining a career. The Access to Work scheme provides both practical and financial support for you, if you are disabled or have a physical or mental health condition that makes it hard for you to do your job.

Support from the Access to Work scheme will be offered based on your disability needs. This may include a grant to help cover specialist equipment, adaptations, support worker services or getting to and from work.

How do I get help from the Access to Work scheme?

First of all, talk to your employer about what ‘reasonable adjustments’ they could make to accommodate you. Your employer must make certain changes, also known as reasonable adjustments, to ensure you can carry out your job effectively and that you’re not significantly disadvantaged. These changes could include amending your working hours or providing equipment to help you do your job properly.

If the help you require isn’t covered by your employer making reasonable adjustments, then you may be able to apply for the Access to Work scheme. To apply for the scheme, you must currently be working a paid job or be about to start or return to one. Support will be offered based on your disability needs. This may include a grant to help cover specialist equipment, adaptations, support worker services or getting to and from work.

Am I eligible for the Access to Work scheme?

You can apply for Access to Work if you:

  • Are a resident and working in Great Britain
  • Have a disability or long-term health condition that means you need an aid, adaptation or financial or human support to do your job (long term is categorised as lasting for a minimum of 12 months)
  • Have a mental health condition that means you need support in work
  • Are aged 16 or over

You must also:

  • Be doing paid work
  • Be about to start work or become self-employed
  • Have an interview for a job
  • Be about to begin a work trial or start work experience under the Youth Contract arranged through Jobcentre Plus

Do you need a diagnosis for the Access to Work scheme?

To receive support from Access to Work you must have a disability or health condition that means you need an aid, adaptation or financial or human support to do a job. For example, special computer equipment or travel costs if you can’t use public transport.

If you are applying to Access to Work because you are living with a mental health condition; it must affect your ability to do a job. It must also mean you need support to:

  • start a new job
  • reduce absence from work
  • stay in work

Want to find out more about the Access to Work Scheme?

Wyvern Business Systems provides support for disabled people applying to the Access to Work scheme, as well as providing businesses with the products, equipment and non-medical help necessary to make their workplace accessible. If you would like more information about Access to Work, or if you wish to apply, please contact Wyvern Business Systems.

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iView Health supports and promotes positive health outcomes for the individual, through direct Health monitoring of LIVE biometric readings. Aimed at the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical organisations, self-management of their health for individuals, or business organisations to support employees, iView Health and Wellbeing is at the forefront of 21st Medical Support and Analysis.

What is the iView Health system?

iView Health is a system that can detect and alert individuals if a user’s statistics show a worrying trend or an increase/decrease in specific biometrics This allows the individuals to make direct contact to assess the users wellbeing.

Through our remote and secure network, our system gathers health and daily habit data through the connection of our iView Smart Wear technology. This data is then monitored and analysed through the individuals iView analytics dashboard.

Our innovative technology follows the iView CALM model (Collecting, Awareness, Learning and Modifying). Users or the user’s individual support team can view detailed analytics and graphs that outline the collected data via the dashboard. Parameters can be set for each metric to allow users and support workers to view data over a given time.

iView Health is not just one system; it encompasses the following options:

  • Solo: Smartware only
  • Dual: Smartware and app
  • Care: Smartware, app and tablet

How does iView Health benefit healthcare professionals?

More than 60% of health care professionals time is taken up by gathering and recording vital statistics. This time spent can now be utilised for more pressing engagements whilst being confident that patients’ vital statistics are being monitored 24/7.

iView Health is a system that not only reduces pressure on the health service but also gains medical data directly from patients as they get on with their everyday life.

Using our proprietary system, healthcare professionals can monitor, view, and respond to the individuals needs and provide effective management in a timely manner.

With only one short appointment with a healthcare professional, either at hospital, a medical practice or the comfort of the patients own home, the system can be calibrated to enable the patient’s vital statistics to be analysed.

Do you want to find out more about how iView Health?

Book an iView Health Demo or contact iView now to find out more.

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IView Learning is here to support you through your educational journey. With an iView Learning subscription, you will have access to tutorials on how to utilise assistive technology software and equipment for study. You will also be able to develop strategic goals to support you to achieve optimum wellbeing and keep everything in one place in your iView Education Account.

1. Interactive Tutorials

We know that not everyone has the same learning style. The four core learning styles include visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. For kinesthetic learners, being able to practice the tutorials rather than just watching a video is often very useful. That is why iView Learning offers software and assistive technology tutorials in interactive, pdf and video formats. These will help you navigate your technology efficiently and allow for a greater university learning experience.

2. Effective tutorials

Keeping the four core learning styles in mind, and as we know that some disabilities make it difficult to concentrate for a long period of time, we have created short video tutorials. To effectively and concisely get the assistive technology and software guidance straight to you, iView tutorial videos are all 90 seconds or less in length. This will reduce the time you spend learning how to use your technology, allowing for more time practically using it to help with your university work.

3. PDF guides

Here at iView, we know that some people learn best through reading. That is why all the information that we provide on the iView Platform in video and interactive tutorials, is also detailed in PDF format creating the perfect miniature reference guide. These are useful because they quickly get you all the information you need to effectively use the assistive technology to enhance your learning experience in a timely manner.

4. Live chat

If you are ever struggling with software, or need practical help, iView offers live chat services to provide immediate guidance. Talk in real-time with one of our in-house AT Trainers, get answers to your questions immediately. Chat is a live chat function monitored by trained support practitioners, guiding users to helpful resources when they are feeling stuck. iView Chat is available by through your iView Learning subscription.

5. Favourites

Bookmark modules and tutorials for quick reference and access, ideal for your favourites. You can add to your Favourite Modules by pressing the star next to each Module after entering your details. You can also select your chosen Category > Modules and then click on the “Add this Module to your favourites” in the top right-hand corner. You can add to your Favourite Tutorials by pressing the star when viewing a tutorial. You will find this option when going to your chosen Category > Module > Tutorial where you will see “Add this tutorial to your favourites” in the top right-hand corner.

6. Mindfulness for Study

iView have collaborated with friends from Loughborough University to create fantastic interactive mindfulness tutorials. The videos are there to assist anyone with Mental Health and Anxiety, along with great advice for anyone on the Autistic spectrum, or if you are just finding life a little harder during these difficult times. Each video accompanies a different chapter of our Mindfulness for Study e-book, carefully guiding you through the book with interactive elements, activities, and quizzes. Pause the videos at any point and simply pick up where you left off when you’re ready, utilising your hard copy to write notes and highlight key points that you find useful.

To purchase the Mindfulness for Study e-book, please click here or contact us.

If you have any further questions, or require any additional information, please get in touch with a member of our team on 01432 271 233, or email info@iviewhub.com.

Upcoming DSA Roadshows

Get all your knowledge on software and hardware in the DSA now

The next DSA Roadshows are:

DSA Loughborough

Location: The Link Hotel Ashby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 4EX

Date: April 28, 2022 10:00 am

DSA London

Location: London Flokk Offices, 63 Central Street London EC1V 3AF

Date: May 12, 2022 9:30 am

What are DSA Roadshows?

The DSA Roadshows are events that allow Disabled Student Allowance providers to present their products and services to DSA assessors and centre managers. This offers them the most up-to-date understanding of what is available and how they might present it to their pupils through hands-on demonstrations and training on assistive technologies.

These events are suitable for learning support staff, disabled student allowance assessors, disability advisors, AT specialists and other professionals working in roles to support FE and HE students.

What businesses attend the DSA Roadshows?

There are currently 9 DSA Roadshow partners:

Wyvern Business Systems
Dolphin Computer Access
Wyvern ErgoNomics
Nuance – Dragon
Habitat Learn
Scanning Pens
Claro Software

What does a DSA Roadshow entail?

DSA Roadshows invite anyone new to the DSA or who wants to brush up their knowledge to come along at 10am. There are half an hour workshops with each software and hardware supplier, who will give you a demo on their software/hardware and also provide a hands-on session with you for you to better understand the software/hardware.

Lunch will be provided. There will also be a guest speaker at these events who will present on a topic related to higher education and disability.

Once you have completed the day you will be issued with a licence for all the software that will have been shown to you on the day, so when registering please make sure the DSA Roadshow have your full details.

These sessions are accredited by The CPD Certificate Service and equate to 5.5 hours or points.

Feedback from DSA Roadshow Birmingham, March 2022.

“Informal – made it easier to engage and ask questions. All presenters really knowledgeable and helpful.”

“Intimate setting allowing for great discussion, clarification and interaction. There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get a better understanding of the software/hardware.”

“The detailed presentations from each specialist were excellent. It was really useful to be informed of recent updates and developments with various software/hardware.”

Book the DSA Roadshow now: https://www.dsaroadshows.co.uk/our-events/