Where can I find the serial numbers for my Assistive Software?

You will be able to find your serial numbers and downloads for all of your DSA software on your Student Portal. In order to log in to your student portal, please click here.

You will be presented with a website that is asking you for your email address and password. The email address will be the address you provided us during the initial DSA2 letter process. The password will be your Student ID number (five digits long). If you are unsure where to find your ID number, you will likely find this number on any of the paperwork/emails that has been sent to you from Wyvern Business Systems. If you are still unable to find this number, then we would recommend that you contact us via phone, email or live chat and request this number. Once logged in to your Student Portal, you will be presented with your orders. From this page you will be able to click on any of your orders to show the full list of items on each one. When you click on this order, you will be given a list of items. The software items in this list will have a small “View” button next to them if they have a serial number available.