Why do I have to pay the £200 contribution and what is it for?

Whether or not you must pay the £200 contribution depends on a number of factors, most students will be required to pay this, as Student Finance will not always fund this payment. If Student Finance Wales are listed as your funding body then you will never be required to pay the £200 contribution. However, if you are listed under Student Finance England you may be required to pay this.

Student Finance England request that a £200 contribution be made if there is a laptop on the order, this goes towards the cost of the laptop. E.g. if the laptop that has been recommended for yourself is £375 then £200 of that value is your contribution and the £175 left over will be funded by Student Finance England.

There are three instances where Student Finance England may not require you to pay the £200. The first being you do not have a laptop on your order therefore no £200 is required. The second being that you are transitionally protected; this means that you are not required to pay the £200 as you have been studying for longer than the contribution has been in place and would therefore no effect you. The last is if your University has agreed to pay this amount. Should you University agree to pay the £200 contribution on behalf of you then you would no longer be required to pay this.

The easiest way to see if you are required to pay the £200 contribution is if you go to the second page of your approval letter, under the specialist equipment allowance if there is a box that reads “Amount you are required to pay the supplier” and if this includes the £200 that means you will have to pay a contribution.