macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave - Assistive Technology Compatibility

macOS Mojave releases 24th September 2018

Apple have announced their latest operating system version will be called macOS Mojave, with a release date of September 24th.

While it brings a selection of improvements and new features, it crucially appears to be causing issues with Assistive Technology Software, and for this reason we recommend that student's DO NOT UPGRADE to this latest version of macOS at this time.

As well as general compatibility issues, one issue that this new Operating System will cause is the support for 32-bit Apps is being phased out, while most applications are now 64-bit as standard, any that are 32-bit may not perform correctly in macOS Mojave.

Other 32-Bit Applications that may be of concern

Apple Products:

The following versions of these Apple applications are also 32-bit;

Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4
Motion 5.3.2
Compressor 4.3.2
Logic Pro X 10.3.1
MainStage 3.3

Note that DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Colour and Cinema Tools will not run (nor did they work in macOS High Sierra)

Adobe Products:

A couple of the old Creative Suite Apps (Before Creative Cloud) are still 32-bit, and therefore may have issues too;

Illustrator CS5
InDesign CS5 & CS6
Photoshop CS4
Acrobat Pro 9.5.5

Acrobat DC / Acrobat Reader DC also has some known issues on macOS High Sierra, let alone on macOS Mojave

Microsoft Products:

If you are still using Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, these are all 32-bit apps, now might be the time to Upgrade.

Word 2011
Excel 2011
PowerPoint 2011
Outlook 2011

Microsoft does offer all current University students an Office 365 licence, which includes the latest version of Microsoft Office.

 If you would like to check which Apps are 32-bit on your system, you can check by doing the following;

  1. Click on the Apple logo in the left corner of your Mac screen.
  2. Choose About This Mac.
  3. Click on System Report.
  4. Now click on Software > Applications.
  5. Look to see whether the apps you use are listed as 64-bit application in the final column.
  6. Any apps that are listed as 32-bit may stop working if you update to macOS 10.14 when it launches in September 2018.
  7. Click on the column that’s headed ’64-Bit’ to see which apps aren’t ready for the transition.

Our Technical Team can advise on your exact situation, but at this time we do no recommend any Upgrade to the latest operating system, as the majority of software programmes are experiencing compatibility issues currently.

Please see below for a breakdown of the software and it's compatibility with macOS Mojave.

Software Program


ABBYY FineReader (Mac)

Fully compatible with macOS Mojave.

ClaroRead (Mac)

ClaroRead for Mac is compatible with macOS Mojave, however due to the new security settings in the OS Upgrade, an additional step is required when first using the software - see the ClaroRead Website for more information.

Dragon Dictate Professional for Individual v6 (Mac)

Dragon for Mac v6 does work on the new Operating System, however Nuance have stated that there will not be any further support for this product on this, and subsequent Mac Operating Systems, as they have discontinued the product, and all support for it - during testing we have experienced a few glitches but it seems manageable currently, however future updates may cause further issues, or cause the software to stop all together.


Unknown at this time - there were issues with the previous macOS High Sierra, so we are assuming these issues may still be present in the new version.


TextHELP have confirmed that an automatic update will be released which will ensure full compatibility with the new macOS.

Global AutoCorrect (Mac)

Global AutoCorrect v4 is fully compatible with macOS Mojave.

Inspiration (Mac)

Inspiration 9 is compatible with macOS Mojave.

KAZ Typing Tutor

KAZ have confirmed that there should be no compatibility issues with the latest version of macOS Mojave.

Mavis Beacon Touch Typing

Unknown at this time.

Medincle Spellchecker

Medincle Plus

Medincle AT Complete

All versions of Medincle have been tested and are fully compatible with macOS Mojave.

Mindjet Mind Manager (Mac)

Presently the only version of MindJet Mind Manager that is compatible with macOS Mojave is V11, with this patched version, however as detailed in this forum, there are still some compatibility issues. Previous versions of Mind Manager are not currently being patched to be compatible.

Matchware Mind View (Mac)

Mindview V5, V6 and V7 are all compatible with macOS Mojave.

Notetalker Edit

Compatible with macOS Mojave.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker

Sonocent have tested their software on Beta versions of macOS Mojave and the software has been running fine.

Spellex Spell Checkers

Fully compatible with macOS Mojave.

Spellex Dictation

Fully compatible with macOS Mojave.

Spellex Dictation Gold

Fully compatible with macOS Mojave.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

Ten Thumbs is confirmed to be working fine on macOS Mojave.

TextHELP Gold (Windows)

TextHELP have confirmed that an automatic update will be released which will ensure full compatibility with the new macOS.

Zoomtext (Mac)

Zoomtext for Mac has been discontinued, and will not be supported on macOS Mojave.