What is Ergonomics?

In it’s simplest form, Ergonomics is working in a way that puts the minimal amount of stress on your body, for the period of time that you are sat in a position.

To this extent, it is about designing a working environment around an individual, rather than expecting them to adapt to what is already there. As humans, we are all different, heights, weights, shapes and sizes, no two people are the same, and as such no workstation should be the same either.

In relation to the layout and design of an employees desk set-up, there are many factors that should be considered in order to maximise the ergonomic benefit available to them.

D.S.E. Assessments

Wyvern are able to offer a Full UK D.S.E. Ergonomic Assessment Service

Staff spend long periods of time sat at their desk or workstation, and this prolonged position can trigger all manner of afflictions, from bad backs to repetitive motion pains, and can lead to pain, discomfort, and ultimately time spent off work.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 were set up to provide guidance and legislation to keep D.S.E. users safe.

Wyvern Business Systems have specialist D.S.E. Trained Assessors who can offer a practical and impartial workstation assessment, with guidance and advice to adjust your current set-ups, and if required additional equipment recommendations to enhance the current set-up.

We can conduct assessments for individuals all the way up to entire workforces, whatever is needed to suit your requirements. For more information on D.S.E. Assessments, please fill in this form and we'll get back in touch with you.

What is Available?

In terms of Ergonomics, there are a great deal of options available that can be used and utilised to increase the suitability of a work space. From specialist seating, adjustable desks, or even just simple adjustments to your existing equipment that can make a significant different to health and well-being for you and your staff.

Specialist Seating

One of the most obvious alterations that can be made for someone is to change the chair that they sit in.

Providing a chair with additional back support, a neck rest and arm rests can be very beneficial.

The key aspect when sourcing any chair however is to ensure that the chair is adjustable, one size does not fit all when it comes to seating.

Height-Adjustable Desks

Sometimes the desk itself can be a hindrance for a worker. Ensuring they have enough work space for their job role is vital. One effective ergonomic adjustment that can be made however, is to invest in a Height Adjustable Desk.

By allowing a desk to change heights, a worker can use it while seated, or standing, allowing for a wide range of working positions, which will help to boost productivity.

Monitor Arms

You could have the most comfortable chair in the world, however if you have to lean forward to get to your screen, all of the benefits of that chair are out of the window. Correcting this issue may not be as complicated or costly as you might think.

A Monitor stand, or Monitor Arm will allow you to position and elevate a screen to a user’s needs. There are even multi-monitor solutions if you require them.

Ergonomic Peripherals

The range of ergonomic products is endless, from specialist Keyboards and Mice, to Footrests and Wrist Supports, all have their uses, and all can be of great benefit to the correct person.

Talk to us about the issues you or your staff are experiencing, and we can advise the best solutions that may help, it may simply be a change of how they use current equipment, rather than a purchase of anything new.