Wyvern becomes official VELA Re-Seller

Wyvern becomes official VELA Re-Seller

Wyvern Business Systems has joined forces with VELA and are now official re-sellers of their products.


VELA is a Danish, family owned business, founded in 1935 by the manufacturer Vermund Larsen. They have a solid foundation of experience and unique know-how about ergonomic chairs. Their knowledge base is enhanced in close corporation with occupational therapists, experts and users.

VELAs core competence is to design ergonomic chairs and seating systems for persons spending a considerable time sitting down – mainly the physical disabled. We provide a wide range of ergonomic chairs for individuals with disabilities, healthcare workers, medical staff, patients and office staff, wishing to improve their working posture.

VELA aims to enhance the quality of life through chairs that increase the mobility of people, who are confined to sitting in a chair. VELA maintain an ongoing close dialogue with ergonomic experts and users to
ensure that the VELA chairs meet the needs in both quality and ergonomics. VELA has its own development department and production facility, where every chair is manufactured and assembled by hand. This makes them able to implement changes to their products, and create individual solutions to meet the costumer’s needs.

Chairs built with Care and Precision

VELA’s R&D department is focused constantly on optimizing safety, functionality and design in collaboration with their therapists, who always ensure ergonomic comfort for the users. They take the high level of wear and tear the chairs are subjected to for many hours a day in the health care sector into consideration. VELA use exceptionally durable mechanical parts and upholster the chairs with fabrics that are exceptionally wear-resistant, so that they remain attractive and serviceable for many years.

All VELA chairs are manufactured in Denmark, and VELA do not manufacture the chair until it has been ordered, allowing them to customize it.

Specialists in Perfect Upholstery

VELA has its own upholstery workshop, with over 300 types of foam, fabrics and colors in stock at all times.

All chairs carry the CE-marking and comply with current standards.

VELA Tango chairs are designed for users who require an extremely stable chair. They feature a brake that when applied makes the chairs completely stable during use, especially useful when sitting down or getting up for users VELA Tango 200EF - left - dark graywith stability issues.

The VELA Tango 200EL adds even more functionality by featuring an electrical lift function, making it well suited for people with disabilities.

Users who have less strength or movement, e.g. arthritis or CFS, can avoid painful bumps and jolts when getting up and sitting down by having the chair there to support them and provide stability.

The user can be raised to help transition to stand, or placed low at the same level as the bed for easy transfer. The chair has smoothly running wheels and plenty of room for the feet, allowing the user to easily ‘walk’ the chair while sitting down and move around without assistance.

Adjustment of the seat height, depth and tilt plus backrests and armrests ensures the optimum conditions for an ergonomic sitting position. All functions can be adjusted with the user sitting in the chair.

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