Windows 10 Upgrade Warning

Windows 10 Upgrade Warning

Windows 10 Upgrade – The impact it could have on your existing software

As you may or may not be aware, Microsoft are due to publicly release the new iteration of their Windows Operating System, Windows 10 in July 2015.

Currently an icon is beginning to appear on user’s taskbars, prompting users to register for this Windows 10 Upgrade ready for when it is publicly released (as seen below).

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Due to the nature of the Assistive Technology software packages supplied to yourself through the DSA, we cannot guarantee compatibility of your software packages after the upgrade has been carried out. Once carried out it cannot be reverted easily and due to the time required to perform the downgrade a charge will be made.

For this reason we strongly advise you not to carry out the Windows 10 Upgrade now, or in the near future.

If you’d like to Upgrade, we recommend checking our list of compatible software, to ensure you’re software will still work.


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