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What is the DSA?

The Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) are grants that help to pay for extra equipment and support that you may need as a direct result of your disability, on-going health condition, sensory impairment, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty.

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The DSA Process

1) Evidence

To show that you qualify for Disabled Students’ Allowance you will need to provide evidence that you have a disability, mental-health condition, medical condition, or a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, which affects your ability to study.

2) Application

You should apply for the Disabled Students Allowance as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until you have a confirmed place at University or College, although you can apply at any stage of your course.

3) Approval

You will need to wait for an approval letter from your DSA Funding Provider before you arrange a DSA Needs Assessment. They will look at your application and let you know whether you qualify for Disabled Students’ Allowances.

4) Needs Assessment

If you qualify for Disabled Students’ Allowance you will need to have a DSA Needs Assessment to decide on the support you will need on your course.

5) Assessment Report

Your Needs Assessor will write a report which identifies the types of Assistive Technology and Specialist Support you may need, how much it will cost, where to get it from and also any Assistive Technology Training you may require to make the best use of the Assistive Technology provided.

6) Entitlement Letter

Your DSA Funding Provider will send you a letter to tell you what Assistive Technology and other Specialist Support they will pay for from the Disabled Students’ Allowance. You may need to send a copy of this letter to the relevant approved suppliers listed in the letter.

7) Order your DSA Equipment and Support

Order your DSA equipment from an approved DSA-QAG Supplier of Assistive Technology and Specialist Support. You will find the name of your approved Supplier on the letter you received from your funding body for the Disabled Students’ Allowance.

8) Delivery and Familiarisation

You’re equipment will be delivered, Familiarisation with your Assistive Technology will take place on the same day as delivery. This will be a basic overview of your equipment.

9) Training

If the Assistive Technology Trainer is the same as the Assistive Technology Provider then an appointment slot(s) will be arranged for within 10 working days of you receiving your Assistive Technology.

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