VELA wins “Aid of the Year 2016” Award

VELA wins “Aid of the Year 2016” Award

VELA was proud to accept the prize for “Danish-manufactured aid of the year” at the Health & Rehab trade fair.

The new VELA Tango 500 with ALB backrest won the prize. Chairperson of the Jury, Tina Nør Langager, President of the Danish Association of Occupational Therapists, explained the judges’ decision:

“A good and established aid, the customised chair, has been redesigned into something even better with the new ALB backrest, offering something completely new compared to the existing backrest.”

This backrest provides optimal support to the lumbar and pelvic regions, supporting the natural lumbar curve and promoting an upright posture in a new, pioneering way which is unique compared to other backrests currently on the market.

Now, with the VELA Tango 500 ALB people with disabilities can achieve an even better sitting position, contributing to better mobility, activity and participation in everyday activities as well as at work.

To see more about the VELA Tango 500, click here.

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