Are you using the latest version of Sonocent’s Audio Notetaker?

Are you using the latest version of Sonocent’s Audio Notetaker?

Sonocent’s Audio Notetaker is one of a select few Assistive Software Programs that offers Free Upgrades for all of it’s users, have you checked that you’re using the latest version?

For Windows Users, the latest version was released on 2nd December 2015:

Sonocent Audio Notetaker Version 4.1.5027.0, the latest major update, includes the following changes:

• Added optional timecode/section number display to the audio pane. Timecodes can be exported along with text.
• The duration of the selected audio is now displayed in the status bar.
• Added Audio Clean-up option to play back audio in mono.
• Added Find facility, that allows searching open tabs for text.
• Added support for importing transcripts from the Speechmatics service.
• Section break and Push Text/Audio now take the selected pane into account.
• Improved reliability and performance when using Audio Notetaker with Dragon Dictate.
• Fixed a problem causing videos to be exported at the smallest size, even if medium or large was selected.
• Fixed a problem preventing AAC audio files with a sample rate of 32KHz or lower from being imported on Windows 10.
[highlight1]Free upgrade for ALL users[/highlight1]

For Mac Users, the latest version was released on 7th October 2015:

This update includes the following changes:

• Fixed problems activating online or requesting a trial on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
• Fixed a problem saving in RAN format after importing a PDF file containing certain characters in rare cases.

Version 2.8.4831, released on September 9th 2015.

This update includes the following changes:

Fixed a problem that prevented activation if an incompatible licence key is entered.
Improved memory usage in certain situations.
Fixed a problem causing the tutorial to be opened when not requested.
Fixed a problem preventing viewer mode from being used after a licence has expired.
Added support for importing slides using PowerPoint 2016 for Mac.
Fixed a problem causing the colour buttons in the toolbar to appear stretched sometimes.

Version 2.8 includes the following new features:

Words are now highlighted in the text panes as they are spoken when using the Mac’s built-in text to speech feature.
The current speed and volume settings can optionally be used when exporting audio to a file.
Coloured sections and chunks can now be extracted either to a new document or an existing open one.

…as well as numerous bug fixes and general improvements.

Download the latest versions from Sonocent’s Website Here.

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