TextHELP Re-Branding and New Version

TextHELP Re-Branding and New Version

TextHELP! Have released a new version for Windows, in the form of V11.5. Some of the changes include compatibility improvements with Microsoft Office 365, a new Native PDF Reader, and compatibility with Google Chromebook Operating Systems.

Alongside the software is companion Apps for Apple IOS and Android Operating Systems, for use on Smartphones and Tablet devices. These are now completely free of charge.

Students are able to upgrade to V11.5 for free if they have received the software within the past six weeks (from the 23rd January 2015). Otherwise older copies will be subject to a charge in order to upgrade.

As well as new versions, TextHELP has also updated their logos and branding, to give it a more modernised look.

Check out the latest features of TextHELP V11.5 in the video below:

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