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Wyvern Business Systems

Your One-Stop-Supplier for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) & Access To Work (ATW)

We understand that problems with IT equipment can be troublesome when using Assistive Technology

That’s why we have a dedicated team of support engineers on hand to solve any issues you may have. We have the facilities to be able to remote control your computer if required, so you can show us the problem.

Thinking of Upgrading your Operating System?

Check that your software is compatible today!

IT Support
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Call 01432 845139


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Check our Frequently Asked Questions today, and see if there is a solution for your issue already

Raise a Support Ticket

By using this form a ticket will be raised on our internal systems and your request will be answered as quickly as possible. You will receive an email to confirm. If you have anything to add to the case please reply to that email to keep our teams up to date.

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