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Experts in Gaming, IT, Ergonomics and Assistive Technology

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Wyvern offers a broad range of options for home users, looking to improve their IT equipment. With extensive knowledge in the provision and construction of computers, we can offer advice and support on the perfect computer system for you.

We are also specialists in ergonomic office furniture and seating, so if you’re looking for a new office chair for your home office, or a gaming seat to sit back and relax in, we’ve got you covered.

Internal components of a gaming computer

Computer Hardware, Software and Gaming Equipment

Wyvern have constructed 1000s of custom-built Desktop PCs for customers, and we’re experts in Gaming Computers and Components. We can custom build you a PC to your exact requirements, whether it’s to run the latest games at Ultra Settings, CAD Design Work, or purely a simple machine for browsing the web.

We also stock a wide range of individual components, peripherals and accessories, so if you’re looking for an Upgrade, why not check out our gaming section for further information.

Office Furniture, Seating and Peripheral Equipment

Sitting comfortably and correctly while working is vitally important for your long-term health. We can assist with this, as we offer a wide variety of Ergonomic Chairs, Desks, Peripherals and Accessories to ensure you are as comfortable and supported as possible.

We can also supply general office furniture, so that you can complete your home office in style. To browse our range, visit our Ergonomics section today.

Seating - CPOD
Wyvern Access To Work

Access to Work Equipment and Services

If you are eligible for Access To Work, an ATW Assessor looking for a specific product or item, or you are an Employer looking for more information in regards to the Access To Work scheme. Please visit our Access to Work section, which has all the information and links you could require to find out more about this Government Funded Scheme, as well as information to organise an order for Equipment or Training.

Assessors for ATW can also utilise our website for additional information, and can utilise our online quoting system from here.

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