Pokémon GO Fever Hits the UK!

Pokémon GO Fever Hits the UK!

If you haven’t managed to hear about it yet, then there’s a good chance you’ve been isolated from the media for the past week or so, but with the UK release on Thursday, Pokémon GO has swept across the country with people of all ages taking delight in the nostalgic game.

For those that haven’t played it yet, the goal is simple, you walk around attempt to catch the Pokémon that appear around you. Everything is related to the real world, and encourages users to walk around to find new and exciting Pokémon in their area.  Many landmarks are available as “Pokestops”, which when you visit them, will give you free items.

Once you reach Level 5, a new dynamic to the game opens up, with Pokémon Gyms becoming available, you battle as one of 3 teams (Valor, Instinct and Mystic), to take control and defend Gyms at strategic locations around the world.

Not got Pokémon GO yet? Download it today for IOS and Android


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