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Peripheral ItemĀ Upgrades

Besides the computer, there are a range of options that can also be upgraded as part of your DSA order. See below for some of the options:

Printers, Scanners and Multi-functions

If you’ve got a lot of printing to do, it may be worth considering an upgrade – Inkjet Printers are notorious for using a lot of ink up quickly, which over the course of several years can become quite expensive.

Laser printers are much more economical, typically capable of printing 1000’s of pages before requiring the toner to be replaced.

For those who do a lot of Scanning, especially of textbooks, a Plustek OptiBook can be a very useful tool too, scanning pages as quickly as 1 every 7 seconds.

Canon PIXMA Multifunction Printer - Peripheral Upgrade
Peripheral Item Upgrades


Sometimes bigger really is better; if you’ve got a monitor on your order, or if you would like to have a second screen to use with a laptop, see what we can offer you.

Available in a variety of sizes, from 19 – 32″, and in resolutions from 1360 x 768 all the way up to 5K, we can offer a wide range of potential Monitors, with an assortment of connections to suit your machine.

The ability to use 2 Screens while working can be invaluable, especially if you’re utilising electronic format textbooks and on-line journals.

If you’d like to Upgrade to any of these options, or discuss any other potential Upgrades, please just get in contact with our Upgrades Team.

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