PC Gaming Explained

Where do I begin?

Here at Wyvern we understand that PC Gaming isn’t for everyone, or indeed for those starting out, it can be very daunting. As such we’ve put together our very own how-to guide for understanding PC Gaming, where hopefully everything will be explained for you.

We feel this guide is ideal for budding gamers, and any parents that are trying to wrap their heads around how everything works. If you have further questions however, please don’t hesitate to contact our Team.

With such a wide range of options available in PC Gaming, it can be very daunting in comparison to purchasing a Games Console. However it need not be as confusing as it might appear, we’ve put together some suggested specifications that we feel would be ideal to run some of the most popular games of the moment.

If you are ever unsure however, all games will suggest a Minimum and Recommended System Requirements, which will usually be enough to give you a good guide on what hardware to go for, or what your existing hardware is capable of running.

Hardware Explained

A common question Parents ask us is what games are children playing right now? For the past several years that has been easy to answer, Minecraft. A vast “sandbox” style game, Minecraft allows players to explore and build their very own world, limited only by their creativity. Minecraft has become one of the most successful games in history, with over 70 million copies sold worldwide.

Other popular titles in recent times with older gamers include Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto V, the Witcher III and Metal Gear Solid V. For a list of some of the more recent releases, please click here.

Minecraft Explained

While it’s still possible to purchase physical products of games, typically it is both easier and faster to download games from electronic stores, known as Digital Distribution. It works much the same as the likes of Music and Video in being available on-line, you can buy and download games with ease.

We do offer a word of caution however, unlike music downloads, game downloads can take up large amounts of space, so users should be careful that they have enough Hard Drive storage on their computer, but also to be mindful of their Internet Package, some Broadband packages have download limits in place, with additional charges for going over these. With file sizes of up to 60GB for some games, this should be carefully considered.

Digital Distribution Explained

Much like Films, Video Games come with age ratings. These ratings account for instances of violence, swearing, inappropriate references for certain age groups, and can clearly convey which age group a game is suitable for.

There are a wide range of Genres available in Video Games, from the creative games such as Minecraft, to Sports games such as Fifa, First Person Shooters such as Call of Duty, to Platformers and Puzzle Solving games.

For a breakdown of all game types, please click below.

Age Ratings Explained

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