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Monitor Positioning

From simple stands to adjustable arms, correcting your monitor height is crucial for your posture

Ensuring your monitor (or monitors) are at the correct height when you are working is a vital aspect of Ergonomics, and it can be easily solved with a Monitor Stand or Monitor Arm.

Monitor Stands

From simple static stands, to multiple height versions, there are a wide range of Monitor Stands available. By simple elevating your screen so it’s at a better level in relation to your eyes, it can prevent you from leaning forward, and hunching over to view the screen.

Monitor Arms

Working on the same principles of a stand, Monitor Arms take it that extra step, by giving you the flexibility to move the screen around, and position it exactly how you want. The added bonus as well, if you opt for a Monitor Arm, you’ll be able to utilise more of your desk space, without having your monitors resting on the desk itself.

Monitors - Riser
Monitors - Arms

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