Microsoft acquires LinkedIn

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn

Microsoft announced yesterday that they have entered into an agreement with LinkedIn to the tune of $26.2 Billion, the largest acquisition Microsoft has ever made.

With more than 433 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has grown over the last 13 Years to be one of the largest social networks on the web, and crucially for Microsoft, it’s business focus will line up perfectly with it’s corporate offerings.

LinkedIn has become the place to be for Professionals, with people creating their profiles to form the equivalent of an Online CV, while they connect and network with existing and potential contacts. It has worked as a great resource for businesses, allowing them to advertise directly to their target consumers, and as a brilliant recruitment tool too.

Given Microsoft’s purchase of Skype in 2011, it would appear this purchase of LinkedIn is the next step for Microsoft in completing their Business based eco-systems. Skype for Business has become an integral part of many Office 365 users, and while it’s unclear how this new acquisition will function within Office, it can be easily imagined that there will be closer cohesion between your LinkedIn account and your Office 365 account in the near future.

The transaction will bump the share price of LinkedIn up massively, valuing it at $196 a share, the company will keep it’s own distinct branding, culture and independence, much like Skype has since it’s acquisition.

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