Mac OS X – El Capitan

Mac OS X – El Capitan

Another Autumn, Another Mac OS X – El Capitan

Apple have released their latest version of Mac OS X.

The creatively named Upgrade brings with it enhanced performance, and a selection of new features:

One of the cleverest features is something we can all sympathise with; ever lose your cursor and instinctively move the mouse? Now in El Capitan when you do this, the cursor will grow in size, helping you to relocate it.

Split View is a great addition when viewing something in full-screen mode, allowing you to split the screen for multitasking.

Another great feature for Dyslexics is the new San Francisco font being incuded in El Capitan, as mentioned in our previous blog.

The only downside to El Capitan is compatibility, as experienced with prior Upgrades, some programs are not currently supported, check our compatibility guide here for further information.

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