Introducing the Wyvern Training Portal

Introducing the Wyvern Training Portal
Today we officially launch our FREE Wyvern Training Portal! This is an exciting, free, resource for anyone with Assistive Technology.
With a host of over 200 training videos to help you maximise the potential of your Assistive Software and Hardware.
With short & snappy videos, captions, and a handy downloadable PDF document for each video, we cover the features of numerous Assistive Software and Hardware items, including:
  • Audio Notetaker
  • Claro Read
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Global AutoCorrect
  • Inspiration
  • Notetalker
  • MindView
  • Olympus Digital Recorders
  • Olympus Sonority
  • TextHELP
  • And more being added as time passes
We are also building a library of useful resources too, including handy videos from the likes of The Codpast.

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