Humanfactor Ergonomic Seating-The CPOD

Humanfactor Ergonomic Seating-The CPOD

Introducing the CPOD

Status Seating has a range of highly adjustable Ergonomic Seating available, which can be altered and adjusted to suit any body shape or size.

The new CPOD backrest allows users to alter and adjust the back support from a seated position, allowing users to set-up their chair independently. A high end ergonomic office chair designed to provide the best possible extended seating comfort and support.CPOD - HF4130

The HF 4 Series System Cpod® uses elastomer (elastic) mesh to hybrid with its patented back adjustment system to provide self adjusting resistance resulting in optimal comfort and support unlike any other chair in the world.

Designed and engineered to allow the appropriate amount of flex without sacrificing support. Intelligent detailing of the frame shape and profile, along with rigorous material testing and selection, has created a truly 3 dimensional dynamic movement system. The interchangeable disc system has 3 semi-rigid pivot points between the chair frame and the chair spine. This allows for additional flex and give in the chair back when a user twists or reaches.

Engineered to support

System Cpod® Dynamik® has a back system that has been set scientifically to a level of ideal spinal support. As the user moves in the chair or changes position, resistance through the hybrid system comprising of the elastomer mesh and the patented back adjustment system changes to provide increased or decreased support. This eliminates the need for constant back support adjustments.
This patented hybrid technology gives the System Cpod® the unique feature of being the only “Sit and Use” Back Support system in the world. Whilst the “Sit and Use” feature provides support necessary for most users, some fine turning may be done by using the in-built ratchet adjustment system. You should consider using the adjustment system only once and leave it set in the desired position.

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