From the productivity suite of Microsoft Office, to the Assistive Technology that Wyvern are experts in both providing and supporting.


Software - Office

Microsoft Office is offered in various different forms, from Home and Student, for the basic package, to the Office 365 subscription. Not sure which is best for you? Contact us and we’d be happy to offer our advice.


Software - Antivirus

Is your machine protected? It should be, there are 100s of new Viruses & Malware discovered daily. If you’re not protected, your machine (and your data), could be at risk.

Assistive Technology

Software - Assistive Tech

As part of the Government Funded DSA Scheme, Wyvern are experts in providing, supporting and training on Assistive Technology. These software packages can drastically increase your productivity, with products such as Mind Mapping, Text-To-Speech and Voice Recognition.

2D & 3D

Software - Design

With our Distributor links, we can gain access to a wide range of Design Software packages, from photo editing to 3D Rendering, we have a program and package that can suit you.

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