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Heimdal Security

Get the best proactive security for your PC. Secure your data against 2nd generation malware: ransomware, exploit kits, financial threats and more.

Heimdal Security

Here are some of the cyber threats that Heimdal blocks with its unique type of proactive protection:

Here’s how Heimdal PRO blocks ransomware at all stages:

Especially when it’s made from extorting people by encrypting the data on their computers. But this is how much the FBI estimated that ransomware creators will make by the end of 2016.

Encrypting ransomware is the biggest cyber threat of the moment – no doubt about it. And home users are hit the worst – they make up 90% of the attackers’ target.

The main reason this happens?

People rely on antivirus as their only protective layer, but it’s just not enough. Antivirus is often ineffective in blocking ransomware attacks.

This is why Heimdal fits right into your security habits:

  • It works proactively to block ransomware before it has a chance to encrypt your data;
  • It’s fueled by extensive intelligence about cyber criminal infrastructure, such as servers and websites used to spread ransomware;
  • It’s 100% compatible with any antivirus/antimalware program (Heimdal scans your Internet traffic, not your files or applications’ code).

Here’s how Heimdal PRO stops exploit kits from abusing your security vulnerabilities

Cyber criminals use the security holes in your outdated applications in 85% of their attacks. They manipulate these glitches in your protection to take control over your computer and infect it with malware. Their tools of trade: exploit kits – highly effective and able to evade antivirus detection.

These kits made of malicious software are engineered to perform at least 3 core actions:

  • To scan your system for security holes (usually found in outdated software);
  • To exploit the vulnerabilities they find;
  • To download and install malware on your system.

That’s where Heimdal fits right into your protection routine. It’s perfectly suited to fight off the damaging impact of exploit kits used in millions of attacks each day:

  • Heimdal comes with a Software Manager that automatically updates your vulnerable software, so you don’t have to do it manually.
  • Powered by deep knowledge of cyber criminal infrastructure, Heimdal blocks exploit kits from downloading and installing malware on your computer;
  • And it prevents data leakage and botnet enrollment.

Here’s how Heimdal PRO keeps you safe from financial malware:

Really big! It’s so big that it even has its own name: the malware economy. This fraudulent system feeds on the money stolen and extorted from Internet users and businesses across the world.

Motivated by the potential big wins, cyber criminals try to create the most advanced forms of malicious software.

Example: in 2015, cyber criminals stole $ (billion) from 100 financial institutions and their clients. To pull this off, they used Carbanak, one of the most sophisticated types of financial malware out there.

Keeping cyber criminals out of your pockets (and bank account) requires a bit of help. More than your antivirus can provide. That’s where Heimdal kicks in.

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