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We understand that businesses are looking for 2 key factors when purchasing office IT Hardware; quality and price. That’s why we have a dedicated production department based in our Hereford office. This allows us to build computers using only researched and trailed hardware, meaning you get reliable, fully-tested systems that will keep your users productive. We also understand that some users in your office will have different requirements, whether it’s a more powerful system for the marketing department, or a small form-factor PC for the warehouse, all these customisations are possible to match your requirements. Also by building the PCs ourselves, it allows us to remain competitive on price as there is no middle man.

Components - Cases
Server Hardware


Gone are the days of rooms full of stacks of servers in an air conditioned room – some businesses today require only a small box that could fit in your hand. All of our servers are built to spec either by ourselves or through one of our specialist partners should there be a specific requirement. We have experience with units for supporting 2/3 users all the way up to 100s; utilising virtualisation in a multiple host cluster environment, so you can be sure that we will understand the right solution for you. Your business may not even require one!

Laptops and Mobile Devices

Wyvern work with some key vendors to ensure that we can remain competitive within the mobile market. We have partnerships with some of the leading brands and are able to provide devices to any requirement or budget. Of course we also support the equipment so should you need service on the device, we will be able to provide that for you taking the headache away of returning equipment via courier and potentially lengthy time without the device. From simple notebooks for your salesmen on the road, to powerful media machines, we have a wide choice to suit any requirements.

Lenovo B51-80 80 LM - Hardware
Apple MacBook Air


As a provider of Apple products within the education market, we have built a good relationship with the brand, from iPads to MacBooks, we have access to the entire range. Often we can provide these at a better price than the Apple website to our clients. Again we work with one of the UKs leading Apple Service Providers to ensure all our clients equipment is quickly repaired should the need arise.

Peripherals and Ancillaries 

It’s not just the machines that we provide, we also have access to a wide variety of other Office IT Hardware, from Printer/Copiers, additional monitors, computer components, keyboards and mice, we also specialise in Ergonomic Equipment and Furniture too, so we can literally outfit your entire office from floor to ceiling!

Seating - RH Logic 300


We understand that predictable costs are better than up-front lump sums, that’s why we offer a variety of financing options for our clients, along with all our other managed services we are able to offer all your IT needs for a set monthly amount meaning you are able to quickly predict cash-flow and expenditure for the year. This is usually music to the ears of finance departments!

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