Global Paperless System

Wyvern GPS is a fully customisable, cloud-based Staff and Customer management system

Here’s how Wyvern GPS can benefit…

your business…

• Reduces paperwork processing time
• Greater security of confidential data
• Reduces staff costs and boost staff productivity
• Reduces clutter by eliminating physical paperwork
• An aid to help ensure compliance
• Reduces staff downtime and improve efficiency
• Access to precise & accurate information on staff
  hours and location

your workforce…

• Increased flexibility over how, where & when they work
• Access to accurate information with just one click
• Eliminates paperwork processing time
• Improved communication channels
• No need for additional hardware – user utilises existing smartphone

our environment…

• Will save 10,000 sheets of paper each employee
  uses on average per year
• Will save 10 litres of water per sheet of paper
• Will save 2 out of 5 trees used to produce paper
  each year
• Benefit from Tax Relief Schemes (Terms and
  conditions apply)

Main Features

• View and edit detailed records

• Send and collect detailed job information

• Upload and store files and internal forms

• Store staff information such as rotas, hours and pay

• Create and send invoices direct to customers

• Provides real-time, accurate information on mobile workers mileage, arrival / departure times and GPS location


Wyvern GPS is a complete software solution aimed at providing your business with the technology it needs to be able to transform the way you manage, monitor and control your mobile workforce – making your business more efficient, helping you save money and providing a better service to your customers.

Being entirely cloud-based, Wyvern GPS will not only provide your business with precise, easily accessible, real-time information at the touch of a button, but it also virtually eliminates the need for paperwork.


A main dashboard provides you with the ability to effectively manage and coordinate each of the tasks carried out by individual fieldworkers – who in turn are connected via an app on their mobile device. It allows a manager to see the precise location and task status of each worker, in real-time.

The mobile app enables each worker to access the information they need to be able to carry out every job efficiently and professionally. Work schedules, job details, internal task checklists & forms, and compliance checks can all be accessed at the touch of a button via their mobile device. The data collected and recorded by the fieldworker is then automatically stored and uploaded to the main system which can then be viewed and edited by those with access via the main office dashboard.


The software has been designed in such a way so as to offer complete flexibility – and being fully customisable means it can be seamlessly adapted to suit your business regardless of its size or the type of industry you’re in.  Whether you work in domiciliary care, the construction industry, or run a courier service; Wyvern GPS is the bespoke solution for you to manage your remote workforce.

Wyvern GPS Mobile App

We can customise the GPS System to suit your business, whether it’s for a courier company, plumbing firm, or for mobile care.

Say goodbye to paperwork, and hello to productivity!

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