Laptops and Ultrabooks

Desktop Computers aren’t for everyone, so why not consider a new laptop?

From simple web-browsing to advanced gaming, we offer a broad range of laptops to meet every possible requirement you may have.

Ideal for casual users who just need a machine to browse the web, or create the occasional document.

Entry Level Laptops
Standard Laptops

The perfect “homework” machine, ideal for regular use for browsing the internet, creating different documents.

Lightweight machines with long battery lives, these are ideal for those who regularly need computer access when they are out and about, or regular commuting on Buses, Trains or Aeroplanes.

Ultrabook Laptops
Entry Level Laptops

For the perfect blend of portability and gaming firepower, our range of Gaming machines are ideal for gamers on the move.

Apple’s range of MacBooks, MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros offer stylish design and powerful performance alongside their unique Operating System Mac OS X.

MacBook Laptops

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