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D.S.E. Assessments

Many office workstations do not comply with HSE leglislation due to unsuitable furniture, light levels and repetitive tasks not being minimised.  DSE workplace assessments can highlight the risks to your staff and make recommendations to keep you compliant and productive.

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Seating - CPOD

Are you sitting comfortably?

Ergonomics is all about the interaction between people and their work.  To be safe and productive, a human needs to be sat in a good posture, and have their work in easy reach.  This can involve everything from a suitable chair, a correctly positioned monitor, and other reasonable adjustments.

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Ergonomics Explained!

What’s Available?

Here at Wyvern, we can offer a wide range of Ergonomic Equipment and Adjustments. From Ergonomic Chairs and Desks, to specialist Keyboards and Mice. Combined together these items can vastly improve a user’s posture and well-being; reducing risk of injury and improving productivity in the workplace.

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Peripherals - Trackballs

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