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Wyvern offer a wide range of seating solutions, and are distributors of Humanfactor, RH and VELA Chairs for both home and the workplace.

Seating - Humanfactor

Human Factor

The Human Factor range offers a variety of chairs utilising their 3 back rest technologies, each of which can be further altered and adjusted to suit your individual needs.  Every Human Factor Chair comes with a 5 year warranty:


The Chiropod system offers a robust and flexible method of offering back support. Utilising 4 pre-tensioned straps within the backrest provides a stable and malleable seat back. Additional Lumbar Support can also be added with the addition of a Lumbar Pump.


The Therapod builds upon the support that the Chiropod offers, by offering physical adjustment to the 4 straps, allowing users to alter and adjust the level of support that the chair can offer. The entire back-rest assembly is also height adjustable, allowing you to adjust the lumbar support to suit the curvature of your spine.


Humanfactor’s latest offering, the C-POD, is a highly-adjustable Mesh Back Chair. With five adjustable straps, all accessible while seated, the C-POD is ideal for incremental adjustments. With a modern looking design, and breathable material, the C-POD is an extremely supportive Ergonomic Chair.

Seating - Chiropod
Seating - Therapod
Seating - CPOD


Wyvern currently offers 3 Types of RH Chair.  Every RH chair we supply comes with a 10 year warranty: all of which can be further altered and adjusted to suit your individual needs:

Seating - RH

RH Logic 300

The RH Logic 300 is designed for the slighter user, with a smaller frame and a lower backrest. The RH Logic 400/300 suits different people and work situations with a wide range of different fabrics and options, such as extra large seat and control room design. Also available in an ESD-approved version.

RH Logic 400

One of our most popular office chair ranges, the RH Logic 400 has a high back. The RH Logic 400/300 suits different people and work situations with a wide range of different fabrics and options, such as extra large seat and control room design. Also available in an ESD-approved version.

RH Mereo

RH Mereo is a task chair which is also a work tool and a business tool. RH Mereo is crafted to improve your performance as well as the performance of the whole workplace. It is easily fitted for everyone, whatever your physical assets. This makes it a one-person chair as well as a chair for the landscaped office. In RH Mereo the 2PP™ dynamics bring active sitting to one and to all. An easy adjustment is all it takes. RH Mereo fuses innovation, functionality, usability and design impact. From the inside and out. You are invited to adjust to a perfect work mode. All day, every day.

Seating - RH Logic 300
Seating - RH Logic 400
Seating - RH Mereo


VELA Tango Seating is designed for users who require an extremely stable chair. They feature a brake that when applied makes the chairs completely stable during use, especially useful when sitting down or getting up for users with stability issues.

VELA Tango 200EL

The VELA Tango 200EL adds even more functionality by featuring an electrical lift function, making it well suited for people with disabilities.

Users who have less strength or movement, e.g. arthritis or CFS, can avoid painful bumps and jolts when getting up and sitting down by having the chair there to support them and provide stability.

The user can be raised to help transition to stand, or placed low at the same level as the bed for easy transfer. The chair has smooth running wheels and plenty of room for the feet, allowing the user to easily ‘walk’ the chair while sitting down and move around without assistance.

Adjustment of the seat height, depth and tilt plus backrests and armrests ensures the optimum conditions for an ergonomic sitting position. All functions can be adjusted with the user sitting in the chair.

VELA Tango 500EL

VELA Tango 500 is the latest development within work chairs, which, in addition to the work chair’s other, well-known benefi ts, has a revolutionary, two-part ALB backrest.

The ALB backrest provides a high level of support for an active and varied, ergonomic sitting position for people with disabilities who require extra comfort, support and safety. VELA Tango 500 therefore aids mobility, activity and participation in everyday activities as well as in the workplace for those with a disability.

The ALB backrest is a unique backrest in which back and lumbar support is divided in two. This backrest provides optimal support to the lumbar and pelvic regions, supporting the natural lumbar curve and promoting an upright posture, which can help prevent or ease back pain.

The lumbar support is moved easily and smoothly forwards and backwards using a handle, which provides variation and support in the lumbar region. The upper part of the back meanwhile retains its angle in relation to the pelvis, so that the user is also guaranteed support for the upper part of the back.

The new potential for movement in the lumbar region is a benefit to people with mobility problems so they have the opportunity to activate their body while sitting in the chair. VELA Tango 500 has all the benefits of a work chair, such as good stability, large castors, central brake, adjustment of seat height, seat rotation, seat angle, foldable adjustable armrests and a wide range of accessories to choose from.

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