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Good Ergonomics doesn’t just mean a chair and desk, there are a wide range of products that can also assist

Ergonomic Keyboards

While these keyboards may look weird and wonderful, they can offer incredible support for your hands while typing. Whether it’s due to a naturally curved shape, which places your hands and wrists in a move comfortable direction, or a soft-touch keyboard that takes less pressure to type on.

Ergonomic Mice

Ergonomic Mice come in all shapes and sizes, from Vertical Mice to Trackballs.  Their aim is to minimise the amount of movement you have to do with the device, no more dragging it halfway across your desk to cross the screen. Vertical Mice help by putting your wrist and forearm in a more natural position when in use, and Trackballs eliminate shoulder movements all together.

Wrist Supports

The edge of a desk is never the most pleasant place to rest your wrists, but invariably it’s where we tend to rest while typing – a simple wrist support can help to elevate your forearms, reducing discomfort to the undersides of your arms, but also helping to reduce the pressure on your shoulders too.

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A good footrest can help to alleviate circulation issues, support your feet while your seated, relieve pressure on your hips and help to improve overall posture while you are sitting.

Back Supports

When an Ergonomic chair isn’t a viable option, be it due to location or budget, a portable back support can help to fill the void, quite literally, by offering some additional lumbar support. These simple supports help to reduce the pressure on your spine while you are seated, allowing you to sit down for longer before feeling discomfort.

Book and Document Holders

There’s nothing worse than having to type up notes, especially if your paperwork is flat on the desk and you have to crane your neck to see it. By elevating your paperwork or a book to eye-level, you can minimise unnecessary movements, reduce strain on your neck and spine, and increase your productivity all at once.

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