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Experts in Education & Assistive Technology

Wyvern support 1000s of Students and Employees through the Disabled Students Allowance and the Access To Work Government Funded Schemes. See how we can help you today.

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Experts in Assistive Technology

Wyvern have supplied 1000s of students and workers with assistive technology, through the Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA), Access To Work (ATW), direct to educational establishments across the country and individuals too.

Assistive technology comes in many forms, from specialist software programs to assist with Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, to notation and recording hardware.

See how we can help you today.

Wyvern Assistive Technology
Wyvern Ergonomics

Sitting comfortably and correctly while studying is vitally important for long-term health. We can assist with this, as we offer a wide variety of ergonomic chairs, desks and peripherals to ensure you are as comfortable and supported as possible. From individual workstations to entire classrooms, we are fully prepared to assist you.

We can also supply general office furniture, so that you can complete your office in style. To browse our range, visit the Ergonomics Section today.

The Wyvern Training Portal offers users a wide range of video lessons, allowing you to maximise the benefit and potential you can extract from your assistive technology.

With our short and snappy videos, you can refresh yourself on how to use the various assistive technology packages available, as well as utilise the PDF guides and captions.

For more information about what the portal offers, find out more here.

Wyvern Training Portal