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When placing your DSA Order, you have the option to contribute additional funds to upgrade the equipment you are receiving.

Before we can discuss any upgrade options, we will need to see pages 1,2 and 3 of your DSA2 funding letter.  This will allow us to to know much funding has been made available, what is on your order, and what costs any upgrades would be.
How to send us your DSA2


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Apple Mac Computers

Providing all of your software has a Mac Equivalent, we can offer a broad range of options to Upgrade to Apple Computers; whether you’re after a lightweight MacBook Air, the impressive Retina Display MacBook Pro, or Apple’s infamous all-in-one Desktop, the iMac.

Laptops and Ultrabooks

We can offer a broad range of Windows Based Laptops, all depending on what specification you are after, and the budget you have to work with. From lightweight Ultrabooks to extreme MSI Gaming Laptops, talk to our Upgrades team today and let us see how we can help.

Apple Upgrades
Windows Laptops Upgrades

Extreme Desktops

Wyvern prides itself on the high-class gaming-grade desktop PCs that we can offer. We’re highly experienced in producing built-to-specification Desktops, from entry-level Gaming PCs all the way up to Extreme Multi-GPU Water-Cooled machines. Just let our Upgrades team know what you’d like, and we can price up your perfect desktop PC.

Peripheral Devices

Of course it isn’t just your computer that you can upgrade, we can Upgrade most items, the limit is purely your budget and imagination! Whether it be an Upgrade to a Printer, a Monitor, Voice Recorder, even your Keyboard and Mouse, speak to us and we can see what we can offer you.

Desktop PC Upgrades
Peripheral Item Upgrades

If you’d like to discuss your Upgrade options, please just get in contact with our Upgrades Team, please note however we cannot discuss pricing until you have sent in the relevant paperwork for your DSA Order.

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