Digital Classroom

Introducing the Digital Classroom of the Future!


A high-tech collaborative working environment, designed to not only improve lectures and teaching, but to also encourage students to continue to make use of classrooms beyond their lectures.

The Digital Classroom is an all-inclusive lecture room where students can work in small groups or individually by logging into their table, to work on a project together and share with anyone in the room.

It will work with any platform system you use including Apple, Windows, Android and iOS etc and should a student find themselves too ill to attend a lecture, the facility can be made for them to link in from home (internet permitting) and fully participate.

Benefits for Students:

  • Utilisation of their own technology with access to any required assistive technology to equalise accessibility.
  • Personalised learning in an inclusive environment.
  • Helps transform students from consumers of digital content into creators of digital learning with course materials and the institution’s core digital systems.
  • Develops employability skills; working in small groups to expand learning through research, problem solving, critical thinking, presentation and communication.
  • Creates socially and emotionally supportive learning environments.
  • Ergonomically adaptable for any needs.


Benefits for Educators:

  • Deploy a wider range of student-centric pedagogical engagements.
  • Wellbeing and digital-capabilities strategies that help create an improved student experience.
  • T.E.F. – Assessment criteria for student engagement, personalised learning, learning gain, student retention, student academic outcomes and employability, are all improved through collaborative learning.
  • Equality of Opportunity and Compliance when educating.
  • Improves time-on-task by supporting didactic and group working using BYOD in the same physical space.
  • Increases space utilisation.