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Wyvern is a Conset Distributor, offering a wide range of Ergonomic, Height-Adjustable Desks

From as small as 800mm wide to 2000mm, Wyvern are able to offer a range of Height-Adjustable Desks to suit your every need, from small spaces to full office outfits, we’ve got the options to suit your budgets.

Electric Adjustment

Simple, electric-powered controls allow you to raise and lower the desk with no physical exertion required. With heights ranging from as low as 54mm all the way to 130mm, there is no desk to high or low anymore.

Desks - Electric Controls
Desks - Finishes

Range of Coloured Tops & Frame Colours

The Conset range comes with a range of colour options, allowing an addition of an Electric Desk to fit seamlessly with an existing colour scheme and layout.

Design Flexibility

Need a certain shape? Sometimes you need to fit a desk into an awkward space, it’s not quite large enough space for what you want, but the alternative would be too small. Here at Wyvern we can get a desk designed to suit your needs, simply contact us today with the dimensions you need, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Desks - Conset Height Adjustment

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