ClaroRead Version 7

ClaroRead Version 7

Claro Software are pleased to announce the latest version of ClaroRead, Version 7. Fully developed to be compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.

As well as compatibility, version 7  brings with it new features in order to improve reading and proofing for users, including adjustable text widths, additional columns and a new highlighting option to remove any existing highlighting within text.

ClaroRead Version 7 comes bundled with a variety of additional programs:

  • Claro Voice Setup; this gives access to 80 high-quality voices across different languages, ideal for Dual-Language speakers.
  • Claro AudioNote; this helps users with Dyslexia, where it is difficult to absorb information.
  • ClaroIdeas; A mind-mapping tool.
  • ScreenRuler; Reading Ruler and Screen Colour Tinting Tool.
  • ClaroCapture; Study Tool
  • ClaroCloud; A new and exciting feature that allows you to install your copy of ClaroRead across multiple machines, for use at Home, School or Work.

A full list of the technical changes can be found on Claro Software’s Technical Support Page.

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