ClaroRead Chrome – A free Google Chrome Extension

ClaroRead Chrome – A free Google Chrome Extension

ClaroRead Chrome, a Google Chrome extension that provides text-to-speech and screen tinting for any webpage on Windows, Mac or Chromebook – including speech with highlighting in Google Docs.


The extension adds speech to any web page you visit, and can read aloud Google Docs with highlighting to let you see where you are up to.

  • Click Play to read web pages and Google Docs out loud, with highlighting to let you track where you are.
  • Read back accessible PDF files.
  • Hover over links or images to read them out or just select text you want to hear and it speaks.
  • Choose from dozens of languages and voice to read different web pages in the voice you prefer.
  • Echo back letters, words and sentences as you type them to help with proofing.
  • Turn on a coloured overly for tinting web pages to help with reading and comfort.
  • Read other Google Docs extensions to maximise effectiveness of all your tools.

It is currently free to download, so you can go get it now from the link below:

This video explains more:

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