We are able to provide and install HIKVISION CCTV Camera systems. Whether you need an individual camera, or a full security system for your premises, we can deliver and install the entire system for yourself.

CCTV Software

As well as installing the cameras, we can set-up a cloud-based solution for yourself, where you can now monitor your CCTV feeds in real-time, via an Application on your phone, or any Web Browser.

Giving you piece of mind, 24-7, you can monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world.

Why use CCTV?

CCTV has numerous advantages, even besides the obvious security benefits it can offer:

  • CCTV can protect your employees; Many employees are vulnerable in their job role to abuse, be it physically or verbally. CCTV will act as a deterrent to potential abusers, and act as a witness to help combat false allegations.
  • Hidden CCTV can help to prevent theft, be it unscrupulous customers, or even employees, the presence of cameras can either act as a prevention method, or gather the evidence you need for prosecution.
  • Footage from CCTV is none disputable, and as a result can help to settle disputes that would otherwise be unsolvable.
  • Longstanding footage is highly convenient for record keeping. You can monitor stock arrivals, the movements of employees and customers too.
  • 4o’clock phone call that the building alarm is going off? With a cloud-based solution you can check for false alarms without needing to visit the premises.

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