BETT Roundup – Chromebooks and TextHELP for Chrome

BETT Roundup – Chromebooks and TextHELP for Chrome

First on our BETT Round-Up, Chromebooks, TextHELP Read&Write!

Google Chromebooks are a revolutionary new way to access Computers, and are becoming increasingly popular in Education, due to their low cost, efficiency and ease of use.

Chromebooks utilise the web far more than your typical Windows or Mac OS X Operating System, creating a seamless experience from App to App, from Email to Browsing, Documents and Calendars, everything is self-contained in the cloud.

They’re affordable, battery efficient, and easily manageable for IT Departments too.

They also still support Assistive Software! TextHELP is fully compatible with the Chrome OS, and brings all of it’s familiar benefits to this exciting new Operating System.

For more information on this new Operating System, or TextHELP for Chrome, please feel free to contact us today!

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