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We pride ourselves on enabling customers to get the maximum benefit out of the Assistive Software and equipment that they have been provided with.

Our Trainers – We have trainers located throughout the country who have been carefully selected based on a variety of skills and qualities that we feel make them excellent Assistive Technology Trainers.  They are fully trained in products including TextHelp Read & Write Gold, Claro Read Pro, Dragon Naturally Speaking/Dragon Dictate, Inspiration & MindView, to name but a few.

Our Approach – Our trainers specialise in one-to-one training to ensure that students get a full understanding of the assistive technology, and how it can benefit them to support them in their studies.  They prepare for the sessions in advance, in order to maximise the time spent learning, and then tailor the sessions according to the customers’ particular needs and learning styles.

Flexibility – We realise that people have busy schedules, so we offer as much flexibility as possible to help customers find a suitable appointment option.  In addition to offering Monday to Friday 9-5 appointments, we also have evening and weekend training sessions available.

One to One On-Site Training

Onsite Training

Training can take place at a location of your choice, whether at home, work, college or university.  Appointments are available Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, however we do offer evening and weekend appointments for students that have limited time available to undertake their training.  All of our trainers are CRB/DBS checked.

One to One On-Line Training

Remote Training

Online training is still a 1:1 training session with one of our experienced trainers.  The system we use for this is very simple to use and once connected the trainer is able to share your screen and train you on the software and equipment in the same way they would with a face to face training session.  The added benefit to this training is that the session can be recorded (if requested) so that you can watch the session again at a later date if there is anything you forget or if you wish to remind yourself of any aspects.

Group Training

Group Training

Ensuring your teams are trained on assistive technology can not only help with awareness but allow them to introduce it to their work flows. We have found that groups being trained have had a positive impact on their daily work.

Visual Impairment Training – A number of our trainers have been chosen to also be our Visual Impairment Training Specialists; they have been selected due to their vast experience of Assistive Technology Training and have been trained on a number of VI software packages including Dolphin SuperNova & ZoomText.

Specialist Training –  Support Worker Co-Coaching, Strategy Coaching, Dyslexia Awareness and Colleague / Disability Awareness Training.

Quality Assurance – Our trainers undergo an intensive and thorough training programme including disability awareness and are regularly monitored and assessed to ensure that they continually deliver high quality training.  We regularly receive testimonials that highlight the excellence of their work.

QAG Registered – Wyvern Business Systems are QAG registered and are regularly audited; we not only comply, but often exceed, the requirements that ensure we stay QAG registered.

Surveys – All of the students that we provide assistive training for are asked to complete an online survey so that we can receive important feedback on our trainers and ensure they are maintaining our high standards.

How would you rate the trainer’s knowledge of the assistive technology?

98.7% of customers selected Good, Very Good or Excellent

How would you rate the quality of assistive technology training? 

98.7 % of customers selected Good, Very Good or Excellent

How appropriate was the training in relation to assisting you with your work?

97.7% of customers selected Good, Very Good or Excellent

Customers very often leave additional comments, here is just a small selection….

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Thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Steve! They were really useful. Steve was always very patient with me and explained things very clearly. Steve always tailored the session to my needs. He always offered me a break when he could tell I was struggling to pay attention. Knowing that I’m a very visual person, he also showed me all the colour options and settings in each programme. Furthermore, I really like that we reviewed everything I’d learned at the end and him summarising key points that we’d covered from each programme. Very helpful Overall, I am so glad I had Steve to teach me and not anybody else! He was brilliant, always making the sessions fun, interesting & very informative! THANK YOU STEVE

DSA Student Training December 2, 2016

default image

Steve McKie! What a star! He has been very patient teaching this old bird new tricks! Enjoyed the training sessions and feel confident using the new skills. I was nervous prior to sessions but no need-had same teacher so able to build rapport. Will miss the ‘posh’ northern chap!!

DSA Student December 2, 2016

default image

My name is xxx, and I had a training session with Dave yesterday, he was wonderful, not only did he show me how to use all of my new programmes but he took the time to take an interest in who I was and what I am studying at University.  If this is how you train all your staff then good on you.

DSA Student December 2, 2016

default image

The trainer was brilliant. Spoke my language (and not total techno), understood my learning style and pointed me in the right direction with loads of tips to help me get the most of the mindmap software!

DSA Student December 2, 2016

default image

Steve Hughes was very thorough and clear during the training, and was able to put me at ease despite not being face-to-face. I was given ample opportunity and actively encouraged to ask questions and even repeat whole processes to make sure I fully understood the assistive technology and would be able to reproduce the same results on my own. It was a very positive experience.

DSA Student December 2, 2016

default image

Xandru Tait was extremely professional, I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer, he made me feel at ease and he had answers for every question I asked, Xandru is a credit to WBS, extremely polite with a courteous manner, funny too, I might add, it is a shame there are not more people like him about these days. Everyone who has been in contact with me from the beginning to the end has been of superb standard, a rare commodity these days. Thank you WBS

DSA Student December 2, 2016

default image

It was surprisingly easy to have an on-line session

DSA Student December 2, 2016

default image

The overall experience of the training, from the booking to receiving the training has been absolutely fantastic, supportive, approachable staff with a positive attitude towards their task has enabled this training to be a positive experience. I am 100% satisfied with the quality of training provided.

DSA Student December 2, 2016

default image

I have just finished my last training session with Mr David Oddie, your North-West trainer. I would just like to state for the record, that David was so courteous and polite during the sessions, he explained everything in a simplistic way and went over things, I was not sure about. I would just like to say the service and training, off David Oddie, was simply second to none. He is a credit to your company, a true professional and a gentleman. Nothing was too much trouble.

DSA Student December 2, 2016

default image

I was concerned that having an online training would add another difficultly as I have little computer knowledge. This was a so far from the truth and I found it very informative and helpful, many thanks!

DSA Student March 20, 2017

default image

My Trainer was Dave Oddie what a nice man nothing to much trouble. I have learned so much and had fun at the same time he made the training very easy for me to understand and has made a huge difference for me in my studies at university. I would just like to say a big thank you to Dave what a tutor GREAT. Many Thanks to your company for the help I have received.

DSA Student April 3, 2017

default image

Xandru was absolutely brilliant! He has a natural ability to teach and a really enthusiastic, kind and encouraging manner. In addition to this I feel he has gone above and beyond the role of trainer and sent me video links to cover what we went over and any other questions that may occur. This is very comforting for those of us that find technology a bit confusing and daunting at times, especially in conjunction with learning disabilities. I left the training session feeling more positive about academia and I would go as far to say possibly experiencing the best customer experience I have ever received. Thank you so much!

DSA Student June 7, 2017

default image

Thank you for the time spent with me, it’s been a delightful interlude to my studies that have enriched my resources and skill set greatly. I struggle to communicate generally and so I was happy to find Richard was so easy to communicate with. My anxiety was greatly reduced in his presence which allowed me to ask for the help I specifically needed. Thank you again

DSA Student June 18, 2018

Introducing the Wyvern Training Portal

Looking for extra Training? We offer our very own Training Portal, where users can watch quick reference videos for the various Software and Hardware solutions currently available.

Complete with Captions, PDFs, and snappy videos, you can quickly find the video you need for a particular task.

Wyvern Training Portal

Training F.A.Q.s

Can I buy additional training sessions?

Yes, please contact us for a quote on 01432 271233, or email us at enquiries@wbs.uk.com

What do I need to do to get training organised for my AT software?

Look at your DSA2 or Entitlement letter, this will have the contact details of your training provider, or call us and we can assist; 01432 271233.

If the training is through ourselves, then please consult our training page for more information.