Apple WWDC 2016

Apple WWDC 2016

Apple’s annual conference, WWDC, has come around again, with a string of new announcements, including iOS 10, Siri for Mac and a new iMessage.

The latest IOS version, 10, brings with it the usual incremental changes you’d come to expect from  Apple, including new lock and home screen notifications, utilising 3D Touch, Siri is being opened up to 3rd party developers, and Photos and Maps have been overhauled.

After critical reviews of the Apple Music App, the whole thing has had a refresh as well, aiming to make things cleaner and clearer for users. Caller ID will now fill the screen, voicemail transcription is being introduced, and especially useful, Spam Call indicators are coming too.

iMessage has been overhauled too, with new, bigger emojis and handy features. IOS 10 will be rolled out over fall to all eligible users. For a full list of features, Tech Radar has compiled an extensive list.

WatchOS has also had an update, but the biggest news is the change to Mac OS X, the desktop / laptop Operating System by Apple.

The next version from Cupertino will no longer be OS X, but will be given the moniker of macOS Sierra, in keeping with Apple’s odd Operating System names. The big feature for this latest OS is the introduction of Siri to your desktop, on hand to offer you assistance whenever and wherever you need it.

As with all recent Apple OS Upgrades, Sierra will be a free download, however we advise against immediate upgrades to this with Assistive Technology in mind, as compatibility with existing software will not be known immediately.

Source: Apple

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